Hello & Welcome!

I’m Maria Kinlough, formerly the owner of The Body Shaping Fitness Studio for Women In Oakville. The Studio was an multi award winning fitness facility dedicated to customer service and excellence. When the gym closed its doors, after 17 years. I wanted to keep helping people and continuing with The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

  • It's Canadian!

    Ideal Protein is a proudly Canadian comany based on our Canadian values of honesty, integrity and trust. We currently have 3500 clinics worldwide.

  • It's healthy & safe

    The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program continues to amaze me everyday with the results that my clients are achieving. This is life changing. Most of my clients tell me that this is the first time that they have had such remarkable results. They feel energized and healthy.

  • It fits my ideals

    This program has been scientifically designed to work with the body’s natural flow. It very gradually changes your mind about how you are eating. Consequently you have the knowledge to keep weight off for the rest of your life. It’s uncomplicated and tailor made for today’s busy lifestyle.

The Oakville Ideal Weight Loss Clinic is an Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic, and with the way that we offer our services, we’re the only one of our kind! Many Ideal Weight Loss Clinics just offer the program as one part of their services – for us, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program is our specialty!

Service Provider
Of the Year – Oakville

I’m here for you!

As your Ideal Protein Weight Loss coach, I’ll be your co-pilot on your weight loss journey! That means I’m here to support you, but also to motivate you. I won’t yell at you for missing a day, but I will keep you on track. Don’t worry if you miss a day, but be prepared to get back on track and make up for it!

If you need a little help reaching those weight loss goals and think that we would be a good fit, I’d be happy to help! The first step is to come in for a chat – that’s it! No pressure, no hard selling, just a conversation about what you want to get out of the program, and how I’ll help you get there.

“I love Maria because she’s equal parts motivator and friend. I’m not afraid to tell her if I drop the ball one day because I know she’s on my side and she’ll get me back on track!”Lynne