The Challenges of Maintaining a Healthy Weight in Today’s World

In Did you know?by Maria

Maintaining a healthy weight in today’s world is a challenge unlike anything the world has ever seen. Life has become a rat race, on a daily basis. We are all trying desperately to find some “me” time. It’s hard to juggle finding time to shop, cook and take care of the daily minutia of life. Technology has increased the things that we have to do.

We are now connected 24/7. There is increased stress in today’s world it has become more demanding than in previous times. Eating healthy has become a challenge because of time constraints. Juggling work and family requires time. Planning healthy meals three times a day, at times, takes more than our available time.

Stress is playing a huge part in obesity. People look for comfort food when stressed and time deprived.
This part of the reason that the fast food industry is flourishing. The problem is that although, it is convenient, it is not healthy. Restaurants are not in the business of keeping you healthy. They are in the business of taste. Eating out used to be a treat, now it is a daily event.
The old adage of you are what you eat has never been more relevant!