Health Challenges in Today’s World

In Did you know?by Maria

It’s not going to happen to me! If I get sick there will be a pill or something to take care of the problem or I will just die!
How did we get to this point? We have become disconnected with the reality of how neglecting our body will lead to illness. We treat our pets better than we treat ourselves. We make sure that they have water, special food and are exercised because we don’t want them to get sick!

Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension, knee and hip replacement surgery are all preventable. We are imposing these life changing situations on ourselves. We are eating too much sugar related foods causing us to be overweight. Our bodies were designed to be fueled by wholesome foods and yet we will feed on anything else. We need water not diet drinks and yet water is the least likely beverage that we reached for. We don’t even have to get out of our cars to get the junk that we crave. Just drive up, order and stick your hand out of the window and someone will give it to you!

We live in Canada, a country of abundance and yet we are oblivious to how lucky we are. Other people in the world would be overwhelmed with the variety of wonderful fresh foods that we are able to buy and yet we would prefer to grab a donut instead of an apple.
Food for thought!!!